$$ How To Get On The Wall Of Shame $$

Are you a pervert in need of some serious humiliation? Keep reading…

Nothing says LOSER like posting your perversions online for all to see, now is there?

But here you are, at The Wall Of Shame, rubbing your pathetic pecker thinking how lucky these cum-whores are with their shameful faces posted on The Wall Of Shame for all (and I do mean ALL) to see.

Well don’t dismay sissy faggot, you too can experience the thrill of being shamed publicly online for being a chronic-masturbating, cross-dressing – and in most cases – cuck-sucking whore!

How? Keep reading…

Simply by being who you are and sending a tribute of $50 to your Mistress Tara Smith… it really is that easy!

Now pay attention sissy:

Following sending the tribute the next steps will be for you to receive information. This includes an agreement, that by sending the tribute you are agreeing to by proxy of the tribute, that any and all texting, emails, videos and photos you send me from the point of sending me the tribute will include granting me what is legally known as FULL CREATIVE RIGHTS. These legal rights will allow me to use this media you send at my discretion, on any social media and website I own, for ETERNITY. 

Are you ready?

Think long and hard about sending the required tribute and sending me your media along with the agreement because once you do, I will have FULL and LEGAL CREATIVE RIGHTS to post on my website(s), my twitter, and my Instagram account ANYTHING you send me!

Your order of ONE ONLINE HUMILIATION SESSION includes the following:

  • One ‘post’ on TheWallOfShame.online that will include a creative story line that we have worked on together and all the photos you send me for this ONE SESSION.
  • 24hrs of Twitter posting; as well as future postings that I program that day for future automatic postings.
  • 24hrs of Instagram posting. Please note Instagram posts will be slightly censored to adhere to the sites TOS.
  • My skype handle if you do not already have this. THIS IS WHERE WE COMMUNICATE FURTHER for your glorious day of PUBLIC ONLINE HUMILIATION. *If this is not possible for you to communicate via skype, we will make other arrangements, BUT skype is preferred.
  • If you want more than what is offered here; you can simply tribute another $50 for another round of humiliation!

Are you ready for the spotlight pervert? (Remember once it’s online…)

Then begin below by sending the required tribute. You will then receive further instructions, and therefore your agreement, if not immediately, very soon afterwards.

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